Just Got a Highly Commended for this image in The Societies Monthly image Comp
Thats 3 consecutive months with a HC, NICE !
Shoot on a grunge workshop in Nottingham City Centre. Thanks to James, Sarah and Mara.
Working with Swifty Productions,




I needed some legs for a shot of shoes. I know, weird world and mind of photographer.
Luckily I know some nice ones, and they come with faces attached._dsa6539

Really pleased with this image of Daniel, and with Kay for supplying the helmet.
A bit of processing on this but sometimes it has to be done.
This was shot on one of my ladies nights ( lady photographers before anyone get the wrong idea) always fun evenings, always show them some new technique.
This has an accent light and a main set oppersite eachother.


light my fire(1).jpg

I worked with David for the first time on Saturday in his own studio in Long eaton.

We had a great time the 4 hours just flew in (as we giggled for the whole shoot) David’s communications are brilliant before and during the shoot._dsa6827-edit-edit1He has an awesome creative eye and isn’t scared to just go for it and trying new things!

David is a wonderful photographer and an all round fab guy.

I cannot wait to see the images and until next time! I defiantly recommend to any other creative.

Much love,


Love the way models think I good, when really I just Push the button


I just love photographing Dance, this shot of Nicole, shot at my studio (Studio3bySevern.com) was captured using my amazing Pixapro Storm 400 flash heads.
I always try to visulized the image I want before we start shooting, saves me loads of time.

This reminds me of one of the charictors in the Golden Compas part of Phillip Pullmans Dark Materials trilogy, they have witch queen called ‘Serafina Pekkala’dsc_0933


Another pro award for one of my favourite images, shoot in a session before a studio group event

I signed up for the Society of Sport and Leisure Photographers, and received my membership certificate at the weekend.

Looking forward to submitting for my Associate panel later on in the year.